Nicole Gonzalez, 2020

Exhibited at Reframe: [un]muted

If I could build a bridge across the ocean to my loved ones, I would, but for now I’ve created the idea of one.

The distance between California, Virginia, and Puerto Rico has always felt daunting. Eighteen hours of travel each way, twice a year, with calls, group texts, and care packages to get us through the in-between. The homesickness comes in waves, sometimes when I'm biking to class, other times when I am ecstatic and wish I could share a magic moment with all the people I love.


I got this idea into my head of physically connecting the places I call home using the materials around me, even if I would only believe it visually for just a second. If I got the cairn proportions right, and a photo of the smallest rock at the top perfectly aligned with the horizon, it might, just maybe, *fingers crossed* create the illusion of a path across the sea.

Made with found stones, from the size of my hand to too tiny to hold, a little bit of glue, the beach steps outside my door, my Fuji X100s camera, and Photoshop. 

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