Through the making of my first jewelry collection I learned fabrication techniques as well as wax carving, investment casting, and precious metal finishing. For me, this medium became a perfect way to explore expressing abstract ideas through organic designs.


gold-plated bronze earrings; lost wax cast

My favorite work out of this collection for sure.

This rhythm piece takes inspiration from the tentacles of jellyfish, with their asymmetric, but not entirely unpredictable curves. Additionally, the piece seeks to create voluminous, dynamic gestures while keeping the material light to be comfortably wearable as earrings.



gold-plated silver ring; lost wax cast

My first ever wax carving / cast piece! Through this project, I realized how therapeutic and grounding carving could be, and I navigated for the first time the art of designing sculpture to be worn.

This reform piece is inspired by the paradoxical movement of ocean water, with its simultaneously unpredictable and cyclical nature. It serves as a reminder that while chaos and change are inevitable, falling tides eventually rise again.



bronze bookmark; pierced

This fabricated duality piece seeks to create a minimalist gestalt of an elephant through as few incorporated features as possible. 


Calm before the Storm

bronze pendant; lost wax cast

Made in response to the “volume challenge” of creating a piece both larger than 8 cubic centimeters and weighing less than 1 gram in wax.

This tangible abstraction piece represents the feeling of holding everything just barely together. With gravitational pulls outward in several directions, it seeks to represent both the strength and fragility in keeping back chaos.